The Premiere Battery Manufacturer in Washington State.
Established in 1933 & Family Owned Since 1947.

Standard Specifications
Cover Color:Black
Case Color:Black
Case Material:Structural Foam
AMP 20Hr Capacity:255
CCA: 1,250
Reserve Capacity:495 Min at 25A
Plates Per Cell:31
Plate Thickness:.090 / .080
Weight:141 lbs / 64 kg
Default Terminal:#1 Automotive Post
Battery Dimensions
English:20 3/4" x 11" x 9 3/4"
Metric:527 mm x 279 mm x 248 mm
Palletization: Std Palletes
Weight:3,414 lbs
1,550 kg
Configured:3 layers of 8
Special Notes
Optional Terminals:#4 Marine Flag, End Over Bus
Rope handle included as standard
Terminals Key: