The Premiere Battery Manufacturer in Washington State.
Established in 1933 & Family Owned Since 1947.

Standard Specifications
Cover Color:Black
Case Color:Black
Polarity:Pos Upper Right
Case Material:Polypropylene
AMP 20Hr Capacity:85
Reserve Capacity:150 Min at 25A
Plates Per Cell:13
Plate Thickness:.070 / .060
Weight:44 lbs / 20 kg
Default Terminal:#1 Automotive Style Post
Battery Dimensions
English:10 1/0" x 6 5/8" x 8 15/16"
Metric:260 mm x 168 mm x 227 mm
Palletization: Std Palletes Euro Palletes
Weight:4,067 lbs
1,846 kg
2,555 lbs
1,160 kg
Configured:4 layers of 244 layers of 15
Special Notes
Snap-on handle (optional)
Reverse Polarity
(24F - Pos Lower Right Red Cover on Black Container)
Terminals Key: