The Premiere Battery Manufacturer in Washington State.
Established in 1933 & Family Owned Since 1947.

Standard Specifications
Container Tray:High Impact Polyethylene
Individual Cell Jar:High Impact Polypropylene
AMP Hr Capacity:600 at 8 Hour Rate
Electrolyte Reserve:2+ inches above plates
Specific Gravity:1.280
Plates Per Cell:25
Plate Thickness:. 250 / .175
Plate Wrapping:Glass Mat Envelopes
Separation Material:Micro-Porous Polyethylene
Weight:410 lbs / 186 kg
Bolt-On Orientation:Vertical
1.265sg at 77ยบ to 1V:2,950 (5 sec) / 2,550 (60 sec)
Battery Dimensions
English:27 7/8" x 7 3/4" x 18"
Metric:708 mm x 197 mm x 457 mm
Palletization: Skid Palletes
Quantity:1 set of 6
Special Notes
Innercell interlocking connectors